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Considering Giving Up?

By Chad Crawford

PMI Blues Guitar Instructor

Ok, so you have taken the plunge and now you have reached the point that you realize there is a bit more to this than you might have suspected up front. Quite a bit, actually. There is a lot of information to understand and remember, and a lot of repetitive exercises that do not always feel much like music. Maybe you are feeling burned out, or maybe you had some expectations regarding your progress rate that are not coming togther as you envisioned. Maybe you got burned by one of these "learn to play overnight" scams and now you are not sure what to do next.

This is the point where you have to make a critical decision - excel, or expire. Many aspiring guitarist give up at this critical point, when if they had just stayed with things a bit longer and maybe made some strategic adjustments to their approach, then they would have acheived a meaningful breakthrough.

The links below will take you to articles on the four most common reasons I have observed that aspring guitarists throw in the towel. Hopefully you will find some motivation here to stay the course. If you need help in any of these areas, click HERE to schedule a no cost, no obligation interview with the author.





If you are trying to teach yourself, you are probably suffering from all of the above. If you wish to kick your progress rate into high gear, then clicking HERE to schedule a no cost, no obligation interview with the author would be a good move!

Copyright 2008 J. Chad Crawford

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